Share Your Travels with ShutterBee

For all you adventurers out there, jumping from place to place, logging your travels and exploring new areas virtually – by way of social media or travel blogs, etc. – can become an obsession. This is why we were so excited to discover the new up-and-coming travel app ShutterBee, which has created the perfect atmosphere to plan, map, and share your travels with friends and fellow travelers across the globe!

The chat forum for ShutterBee users sparks discussion for Q&A and advice between travelers and local residents all over the world. Users can share their personal experiences of past trips and countries visited, give sightseeing recommendations, and even offer tips for avoiding tourist traps. The location-specific discussion boards allow you to actually engage in conversation with a community of people who have traveled to (or live!) in a country you want to explore creates a bond over a common interest and can easily make you new friends abroad!

The chat forum is perfect for those of you who shy away from meeting new people on trips, or are intimidated by solo travel. By reaching out and talking to others, you can find great travel partners and cut out the stress of navigating a new place alone.

Not only can you post and collect your photos, but you also get to explore others’! ShutterBee has a profile layout and feed similar to Instagram, but is specifically designed for travelers and travel photos. Plus, the added feature of the Bucket List organizes a list of cities you’d like to visit and allows you to explore popular locations and landmarks within them. Real travelers post real – often unedited – photos, giving you a true sense of what any particular place is really like.

Because the app appeals to a community of like-minded people, photo sharing is much more personal than aimlessly scanning millions of strangers’ photos on social media sites. Keep tabs on friendly faces and discover new Bucket List destinations!